Your Inner Fish Book Discussion: How to Add Your Content

Welcome students. Click on Chapter Discussion Questions to the right. The Chapter Discussion Questions page contains all discussion questions for all chapters.

To make your assigned entry, log into the blog website. You need to be on the page with the left menu of things like Dashboard, Posts, Media, Links, etc. If no page has been created for your chapter, then you will click on the Pages button at left, and then “Add New.” Fill in the Title field with “Chapter X” followed by the chapter title. Then select save. Click on Edit. In the text box, enter your text, create links and upload images using the tool bar above the text box. Click on the image below to enlarge it and see the buttons described.

Go to Page Attributes at right, Under  Parent choose  Chapter Discussion Questions.

Enter the appropriate order number for your chapter in the right menu field, to keep the Pages right menu in order. Chapter 1 is order number 2, chapter 2 is order number 3, etc. Proof read and publish. You can edit anytime, just select blue “update” button each time you do so.

Go to this LINK to see the assessment criteria and schedule of assigned chapters and posting dates.

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  1. aditibhanja

     /  January 30, 2012

    I’m not sure how to log in to the bog website. Could you put up directions for that?


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